Boutique Marketing for Your Mental Health Practice

We offer boutique advertising for mental health counselors. We specialize in Google Ads, Social Media Ads, SEO, and Lead Management to help you reach your target audience efffectively. 

Our advertising services are tailored to work with smaller budgets while maximizing clicks at a reasonable cost. You'll see an increase in client inquiries and appointments, allow you to focus on what matters most - helping people on their mental health journey. 

The Problem

Most agencies won't even talk to you unless you have an ad spend budget of $2,000 a month. If you do find one, they will dump a bunch of keywords into a bucket and press Go. They don't use smart practices to get traffic at a lower cost because they don't care about cost per click. Even worse, after the click they never advertise to that person again. Single click conversions for something as serious as choosing a mental health care provider rarely happen. Think SmirkKings, PPC Labs, etc. 

The Solution

We work with budgets as small as $600. We research and identify keywords that are relevant to your niche and carefully select those keywords for maximum reach at minimum cost. We utilize the power of targeting Display ads that are specific to an area of your practice. This generates massive traffic at a much lower cost. We direct traffic to conversion focused landing pages. We care about the entire customer journey and make a plan to engage and convert after click one.

Some of Our Clients

A Video Testimonial from Cub Larkin of Inclusive Therapy Group about Working With Marshall! 

What are you waiting for? The Consultation is Free!

During your consultation I'll take the time to understand your unique needs and areas of focus. We'll discover your goals and then I'll explain my method of reaching those goals at a reasonable cost you can afford.  I look forward to meeting you. At the very least you'll walk away understanding more than you did before we met! -MARSHALL EVANS

A Note on Budgets & Locations

I work with smaller budgets. My minimum advertising budget requirement is $550 a month.  Unlike what you may have been told a physical location is not required and has virtually no impact on your success with paid advertising. I'm not sure where that idea came from but the idea is an opinion not a fact. That opinion happens to be wrong. I'll tell you why in our consultation

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The Struggle is Real

Many mental health counselors struggle to reach their target audience effectively, limiting their ability to attract new clients and grow their practices. The traditional methods in recent history like a listing on and still work but you are just one of many with the same profile and the same voice - their voice.  You can improve your chances with a paid profile listing but then that is only as good as the destination they reach - your website. If they don't convert on that click then that is the end of your journey with that potential patient. 

Not when I'm around... but more on that later! 

Directory Sites like TherapyDen and Psychology Today and the new well-funded of therapy - BetterHelp spend a metric boat load of πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ€‘money on content so that they come up first in Google for the most general search terms.  Ranking for general search terms in Google is almost an impossible task.  We focus on helping you rank for specific search terms by helping you plan and generate valuable content that is unique to you and tailored to your practice focus. That content is also a valuable part of our remarketing journey that we design and tailor for each area of your practice.  Our approach results in more new clients at a lower cost because we are helping you build authority and trust in the minds of your potential clients. 

Drawing Outside of the Lines

I'm a maveric. My brain is a rapid fire idea machine. I don't just focus on Google. If I think your target audience can be better reached  on another platform like TikTok or Reddit then that is where we'll go. Good marketing is a symphony of psychology, creativity, and technical expertise. Somehow I ended up being a pretty good example of that. 

The Customer Journey

-The Secret Weapon in Your Business

A lot of digital marketers are analytical computer nerds. They are methodical. They are executing a plan that has clear and definite instructions. This approach often ignores the customer side of the equation and lacks creativity. If someone is sending all your traffic to your homepage they are already failing. If all the ads say generic things like <Your Name> Therapy as they have already failed. We go way beyond that. Marketing is Psychology.  Marketing is Persuasion. Marketing is making somone feel like you know them before you ever meet. 🧐

Let's Begin a Journey... in your MIND! 🀯

The customer journey represents the different stages a person navigates when interacting with a brand or a service, from the first point of contact to the final interaction. It can be a powerful tool for mental health counselors, providing insight into how to better engage with their clients. The journey can generally be mapped into five stages:


This is when a person first recognizes that they have a mental health problem or behavior and that it will not go away or resolve on its own. They begin to research the problem and potential solutions. This is where they will encounter your services and learn how you specialize in treating their problem. This could be an advertisement, social media post, or organic search engine results. 


In this stage the person is educating themselves about their problem and exploring various counseling options. They are considering factors such as specialization, reputation, location, and affordability. If they click on you on their first search and ten more people after that and they don't convert, then that is where the power of remarketing comes to play. 


The person has done their research and has enough information to choose a counselor and make the first appointment. Thanks to the power of remarketing we will influence that decision by using advertising to show that person more informative information about you and your practice, their condition, and your approach to treatment.  


This stage encompasses the therapy sessions where you as the counselor apply your professional skills to help the client with their issue. 


This stage encompasses the therapy sessions where you as the counselor apply your professional skills to help the client with their issue. 

By understanding the customer journey, the hopes, dreams, fears and worries of a potential client and addressing those issues while providing hope you'll generate more leads at a lower cost.  

What You Will Get by Working with Zen Media Social

Managed Advertising 

The Best Advertising finds your clients where they are. We identify and advertise on the platforms that work for you. Google Ads, Meta Ads, Reddit, TV, TikTok, Pinterest. 

Increased Visibility

We understand the challenges mental health counselors face in promoting their services and the impact it can have on your practice's growth.

Lead Management

Effectively handle and nurture potential client inquiries for improved conversion rates.

Content Creation

Content such as blog posts are important for your reach and building your brand authority. 

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a big umbrella term for many different tactics and methods to drive more organic traffic to your website. We use the best practices to help you drive more revenue. 

Detailed Monitoring & Reporting

We monitor and provide real time reporting on your ads, SEO, reputation, and social media engagement. Measure is vital to continual improvement. 



in Monthly Managed Ad Spend


Average Click Through Rate


Average Cost Per Click


Specialties & Focus Areas Researched and Built

Our Process

step 1

Consultation and Discovery

We'll do our own research on where you are and where you need to be.  During your Consultation we'll discuss your goals, challenges, opportunities, focus and budgets. 

step 2


We will build a Proposal tailored specifically for your needs and goals. Every client is unique and so are their needs. 

Estimated Time: 3 Business Days

step 3

Onboarding & Setup

We will work intensively for the first 30 days setting up the Infrastructure, Ad Accounts, Tracking, Reporting, and Processes. During this time we will also craft your unique landing pages and advertising campaigns across Google and Meta.  We will also begin testing ads and building account history. 

step 4

Engines On

We will final quality and configuration checks and then we will launch your campaigns. We'll provide you with real time reporting and we will meet with you at least once a month to review results and make adjustments. 

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